About Thrivr

Lauren Lopez and Jonny Puglia (9/2019) after their initial ThrivR meeting

How It Began

ThrivR was initially founded by Lauren Lopez and Jonny Puglia as an idea to empower young adults living with cancer.

It started as a simple Instagram connection between two 30-year-olds. Both of them were facing insurmountable odds with their Stage IV cancer diagnosis.

Through their numerous discussions, Lauren and Jonny bonded over the lack of resources young adults have access to when faced with such a devastating condition. “This specific age group [18 to 40-year-olds] seem to have the hardest transition” Lauren mentions, “We are in the [bad] Goldilocks zone; where we are just starting our own life’s separating from our parent’s responsibility with the burden of debt and ownership”.

Getting diagnosed with cancer as a young adult can feel extremely isolating. This is exceptionally true as you are surrounded by your friends who are starting their professional life, getting married, and eventually starting a family. Compared to your accomplishment which is focused on survivorship – sometimes against impossible odds!

As their discussions continued into late 2019, it was clear that connection was not only a missing item that this growing community needed but a platform of like-minded individuals to share their journey and perspectives too.

Additionally, there is a need to help guide those individuals through this journey with self-empowerment through a sense of community, education, and advocacy. “When first diagnosed I was completely lost.” says Jonny, “I was taught to always follow the doctor’s orders and to never question them”. Even more staggering is how many individuals are treated throughout the various treatment centers with little to no focus on their mindset. “How can a 30-year-old diagnosed with Stage IV cancer even comprehend their options when their mind is clouded with the limited belief on their short lifespans from doctors?!”.

The word THRIVE kept appearing throughout their lengthy conversations. We wish to grow out of a label that prefixes us with cancer; removing any power to the word cancer. Thus the phrase “Thrive Over Survive” came next and eventually settled on a word that embraces all that it means to be a true thriver — THRIVR.

THRIVR is an acronym that defines what it truly means to thrive over survive:

Click here to learn more about what THRIVR means

Who Is ThrivR for?

Everyone! The goal of ThrivR is to create a platform for young adults with a history of cancer (we call them thivers), to empower themselves with self-expression through Community, Education, and Advocacy; shifting cultural narratives and misconceptions surrounding cancer on a personalized platform designed by them! Allowing others to view their content, at their own speed.


Young Adults

We classify young adults within the age range of 18-40, however, we acknowledge that age is simply a number and should not disqualify anyone from seeking the benefits of using our resources or tools. We will never turn anyone away from our website because of age, however, we do provide content that will focus on the topics and conditions that young adults often experience.

History of Cancer

Cancer is not just a disease, it is life-changing. It is extremely complex and individuals often are not given adequate choices. Often times we hear cancer from these broken-down classifications; stage, prognosis, type, and remission status. We at ThrivR understand the frustration that comes with this and offers a platform for all to enjoy that focuses on the individual and not just cancer. Whether you have been recently diagnosed, currently in treatment, or disease-free – you are welcome to join our community!

November 2019: Jonny & Lauren posing at their first ThrivR photoshoot in Littleton, MA.

Our Features

Fierce, Fighting Fridays series
Introducing young adults who are thriving with or past their diagnosis, with a Q&A welcoming them on ThrivR. If you are interested in becoming our next Fierce, Fighting Friday feature, please click here. We will email you back the questions and further instructions!

ThrivR Life
An informal, real storytelling and journaling clinic designed to jumpstart young adult thrivers by creating a content-based platform for self-expression on their journey. Through the bounds of ThrivR’s values to help facilitate what it means to truly thrive over survive. Want to learn more about this? Please click here

The ThrivR’s Network
An online community, currently housed on our Facebook Group, that is welcome to any individual looking to connect with others like-minded, who have a history with cancer – no matter their stage, remission status, or cancer type. Click here to join

#HealthcareFailedMe series [coming soon]
Tell us a time when healthcare has failed you; whether it was because of a policy, insurance, hospital, or other healthcare professional. The goal of this series is to collect and share experiences that can help inspire others through adversity, while also generating advocacy to reform the way we are treated and seen. If you are interested in sharing your story please please click here.

Become a Thriver, join the network

Are you currently diagnosed with cancer or are you a survivor? We would LOVE to hear from you, as well as, be part of a network that helps to share stories, provide resources and connect those who have or are presently battling cancer at a young age.

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